« Des clients de la BNP se plaignent d’un crédit sans fin dans l’affaire Helvet Immo » – Le jugement de la cour d’appel de Paris est imminent!

De nombreux citoyens français ont souscrit à des prêts avec la BNP Paribas et ont commencé à les rembourser depuis un certain temps. Cependant, malgré les années de remboursement, le montant total dû a augmenté au lieu de diminuer.

Judgment in the Helvet Immo Case: Thousands of French Await Justice

The decision to be handed down by a Paris appeals court on Tuesday, November 28 in the Helvet Immo case is anticipated by thousands of French people: was there a case of deception? Borrowers took out a loan 15 years ago from the BNP and now find themselves owing more money than they originally borrowed. The bank was first convicted in 2020.

Eric, a 50-year-old man, has spent nearly a third of his life trying to repay a loan he obtained in 2008. “We took out a loan for 140,000 euros. I’ve been repaying it for 14 and a half years and I still owe 168,000 euros today,” he explains. When he borrowed to buy an apartment, this professional in the film industry believed everything he was told. He took out a loan in Swiss francs, repayable in euros, and was not informed about any risks associated with exchange rates.

“The word risk was never used, never appeared anywhere in the contract, and borrowers were not able to measure this risk,” says lawyer Charles Constantin-Vallet, who represents the borrowers.

Eric trusted the BNP because it was a bank with a good image. “I really regretted it for a few years,” he continues. « I tried to understand why we got screwed. I thought I had missed something. And we ended up closing all our bank accounts, life insurance policies, and savings plans. By the 5th of the month, we were already overdrawn. I feel like I’m living in endless debt. »

Jérôme, a sales director who borrowed 110,000 euros, feels the same way. Today, he has to repay 120,000 euros. “We feel like we are repaying into a void. The loan is a part of our lives. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about it. And after 12 or 13 years of repayment, we wonder if potentially our daughter could inherit this debt, this loan that was originally taken out to leave her something and to pay for her education,” he confides.

On the BNP’s side, it disputes any concealment of risks. Its lawyers claim to « hear » the « injury » and the « suffering » of the civil parties.

« The bank has never concealed anything, » says lawyer Dan Benguigui, representing BNP Paribas, to the AFP.

But, « the clauses » of the Helvet Immo contract « were clear, » according to lawyer Dan Benguigui. Lawyer Paul Fortin denounces the « fantasy of an omniscient and deceptive bank » whose employees would have the « intention » to « swindle the clients, » « this is not the reality, » according to him.

With all procedures included, the bank could pay out more than 250 million euros to the 2,500 civil parties. The borrowers, on the other hand, « are waiting for justice to recognize them as victims, for them to be able to free themselves from their guilt, and for them to be fairly compensated so they can finally escape this infernal trap, » says lawyer Charles Constantin-Vallet.